• Yvonne

    Spectacular, Superb, fantastic just a few choiced words to discribe this event. It was flawless in every way.

  • Papa Joe & Joan

    A most handsome man [my grandson] married a most gorgeous women [our newest family member]in the most beautiful setting. Nothing could have been better.We love the both of you & wish you a long long long marriage. We want to bounce the fruits of your joining together on our knees as soon as you decide.????????????? Again all our love & all the joy the world has to offer..
    Your old & new PapaJoe & Jo

  • Lynn Minkow

    Gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing. I wish you a lifetime of partnership and happiness.

  • Tara Manis

    You two look perfect. So happy to see my best friend smiling beside her prince 🙂 One piece of advice Ben, don’t change your name to a symbol just bc I called you’ Prince’… Erin may not be on board 🙂

  • Cindy Manis

    Those pictures were awesome It was such a perfect wedding and we know it will be a wonderful adventure ahead for both of you. Great photos.

  • Sue Hudson

    Two absolutely beautiful, amazing young people beginning their journey through life as a couple! (I’m not biased in the least) Gorgeous photos, can’t wait for Part 2!!