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Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Last weekend, we threw a huge surprise birthday party for my (Lesley) very best friend. It was her 30th and we wanted to make it special. We had been planning and scheming for 6 weeks so I was relieved to not have the surprise spoiled. Her face was classic when she pulled up to the party — and not only did she have a surprise party but her husband surprised her with a limo to take them to the party and her parents flew in from New Jersey to celebrate the big 30 with her. I think she is one blessed girl!!!! 😉 She is such an awesome person and totally deserved every minute of it.

Also, her favorite place in the world is Paris, so we did the party decor in a french theme. was a huge savior when it came to finding cool vintage decorations.

Here are a few of the highlights from the evening. Enjoy!!

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A few video greetings from some special people that weren’t able to make it to the party.

The “Who Am I?” Game


  • .Lana

    Hi guys,thank you very much for the tru surprised party.It was great and lovely.I happy for Julia.Your pictures are best.