• Heidi Savage

    Sue, you are a great mom and I always admired the relationship you have with Ben. Open, honest and thought provoking, just like the household you grew up in, as I remember. The photos are beautiful, I love the juxtaposition of black and white with the color. Everything at the wedding was so well thought out and beautiful. I loved being able to share this love fest!

  • Papa Joe & Joan

    Outstanding couple did an outstanding wedding with the help of outstanding parents. Now your all related to us & for that we will be forever Thankful.Be happy forever. We luv ya.

  • Sue Hudson

    Another group of wonderful pictures! And the dance that Ben and I shared at his wedding was to the song, “Stand By Me”. Why did I pick that song? It means to me: the beginning of Ben’s love of movies when “Stand By Me” first came out on video, counting on each other, and knowing that being there for another person is so important, no matter what is happening…knowing that someone is in your corner. And I know he and Erin share that, it warms my heart!

  • Patty Visconti

    These wedding pictures are so gorgeous. What a beautiful couple in a sensational setting. Can’t wait to see all of them.